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Starting a circular social

In this post, Elaine from Prestwich, talks about how she added a twist to her recent meet-up with friends, helping to ‘regift’ dozens of objects.

I have a group of really lovely friends that I don’t see as often as I’d like. Last time we had a big meet up I suggested we all brought something to swap. We sort of do this anyway, when we buy a new moisturiser but don’t like the smell or something, but I thought I’d try making a bit of a thing of it. 

Here’s what we swapped, I forgot I left my houseplant in the car so that didn’t make it into the pic! 

I bought 5 things with me – a ring, a kid’s book, a handbag, some unused hair bands, and a baby plant from one of my houseplants, and all but the handbag got snapped up! I picked up another houseplant that’ll be nice as part of a Christmas present. There were a couple of things that nobody wanted to swap so I took them to the charity shop. 

I might suggest we do this twice a year because it was fun, and it means that new things aren’t being made which will mean less energy and resources being used. 

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